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Welcome to Lepricon

What happens when you combine a genuine passion for great games with unfettered faith in the power of Blockchain to transform economics as we know it?

You get us. 

We believe that blockchain can make the games you love to play better, from the AAA blockbusters on consoles and PCs that offer hundreds of hours of gameplay to the most casual games you play on your phone. Blockchain can transform your sense of ownership of the game, the assets you win, and the community you play with.

Lepricon is blessed with an incredible team of people. Some of them wake up in the morning, and all they want to do is make great games. Some of them just want to push blockchain technology to the next level. When these two groups get together, the result is magic.

Video games will be the first killer on-ramp that normalises blockchain at a mass consumer level. It’s a long road ahead, but Lepricon exists to see that happen.

About Lepricon

Lepricon is reimagining the possibilities for social gaming through blockchain technology. We focus on building environments that champion players-first economies. We believe in the power of social entertainment and are working to create innovative ecosystems that transform everyday lives, always rewarding positive participation.Lepricon is part of the L3P Group, dedicated to building an entire ecosystem of entertainment and DeFi utilising our utility token, LPR. 


We believe that efficient implementation of blockchain technology in games is incredibly important. At Lepricon, our games are not only crafted with “Fun” first in mind, but at every step making sure that the technology we apply makes for seamless gaming fun.

We’re constantly solving problems with new solutions through our Skunkworks process, and have released these solutions as tools for the public!

Games should be addictively fun, first and foremost. We hope to bring blockchain-possible economies to allow players to be rewarded for their time spent and skills applied to games.

We believe games should be play and earn - play because you love it, and get to earn as well!



In order to create a viable rewards ecosystem for our players, we believe in an honest and seamless decentralized finance and rewards system. We’re actively building our own wallet, staking and rewards application.